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Website creation is the key business activity of our company. We develop websites in various types and levels of complexity: to begin with simplified websites as a «Visiting card» and to finish with massive Internet shops and corporate portals.


Extranet systems


044Extranet is an information system created to organize effective cooperation with business partners of a company.

Extranet or external network unites the Intranets of two or more companies to provide joint usage of internal documents and information of these companies. Extranet creation commonly does not mean full networks integration. Some parts of Information are unavailable for other companies of the Extranet. And in fact it is obvious: although the companies are the partners and work in close cooperation they still possess commercial secrets non accessible for external parties. That is why within the process of Extranet creation the privileges of every employee to access partner information resources are strictly and precisely defined.

Extranets are created by partner companies which cooperate for instance according to such schemes as «producer-supplier» or «Higher Education Institution – its affiliates». With the help of Extranet companies not only use joint databases but also organize digital document flow. E-workflow effectively saves administrative expenses and facilitates transparence in partnership cooperation.

Moreover technical information is being stored in external networks what provides an opportunity to alter Extranet settings promptly and to inform partners. Extranet is a distributed information environment which organizes cooperation among the company, company’s affiliates, partners and clients. Extranet may be considered as an extended Intranet system containing dedicated areas which may be accessed by both internal and external users. Extranet is a more opened system than the Intranet that is why it requires a highly reliable and differentiated access control system.

Technologies and tools used to create Intranet and Extranet are in fact similar to the technologies and tools used to create websites. Extranet is available to every privileged user granted with logins, passwords and other access security tools. Extranet provides Intranet opportunities for the employees and other parties who use the system remotely being out of office (business trip, dealers, clients and etc.). Access to the information is always restricted and granted only to privileged users. Access system is constantly controlled and regulated. The privileges of users are differentiated. For instance, dealers and clients may see the data about company products but the dealers may also gain access to technical specifications and error reports. Furthermore the privileges may be changed any moment.

Nowadays the opportunities of Extranet as a method to attract new clients are unlimited. The majority of the companies begin to convert their business activities into digital operations particularly implementing solutions similar to Extranet. Their aim is to support the management system controlling company contacts, contracts, personnel, affiliates and etc.


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Continually optimizing the business processes and constantly improving the quality of websites we develope, we exert every effort to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the cooperation with Dorifor company.


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