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Website creation; Web portal, web stores, B2B development; technical support; web hosting and maintenance; software development; server platforms localization; Intranet and Extranet development.

Website Development

Informative website

The next step is to provide clients and partners with complete information about the company. It is necessary to increase public recognition for growing businesses. 


To solve this task it is better to use not expensive* «Informative» website which contains full data about the company, its services, contact information and price-list.

Website is a compulsory attribute of every modern company.

The cost - 139 900 rub.

«Informative» website being a good choice for companies of different scale, experience and expertise solves the task of company representation.

«Informative» website includes:
  • Website creation up to 100 pages including the following sections: About us, Pricing, Contacts, Feedback form, News and Services.
  • Website structure map.
  • Design development**.
  • Filling the website with the information about your company (The Customer provides the content for the website).
  • We provide the Customer with the access to the Content Management system so that the Customer has an opportunity to manage the website independently.
  • We install website traffic statistics counter Liveinternet.ru for free.
  • Two hours-long training “How to work with the Content Management System”.
  • Free of charge website hosting for 14 days.



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 *Full information about the creation of inexpensive websites you may find in the section «Everything about inexpensive websites».

**The alterations which may be implemented into the web design concept:

  1. Font size, style and color of headers and texts.
  2. Renaming and sequence alteration of menu-items.
  3. Menu-items removal.
  4. Menu-items addition in case when the addition does not cause changes and shifting of other design elements and information blocks.
  5. Color palette alteration within the tints used in layout (darker or lighter).
  6. Alteration of symbolic elements of the website (telephone number, address, slogan and etc.) if there are such elements. The alteration is accomplished in case that it does not cause modification or replacement of other elements of website design and informational blocks.

The whole number of alterations implemented in a particular web design may be up to 5.

The number of standard design concepts may be defined by a customer.
The first concept of standard design is included into the project price .
We offer the creation of a second and the following concepts for additional price

About company

Continually optimizing the business processes and constantly improving the quality of websites we develope, we exert every effort to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the cooperation with Dorifor company.


Address: 8 Lobanova str., Moscow

Phone: + 7 (495) 933 6845/46

E-mail: info@dorifor.ru

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