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Website «Smitta»

Date: 14 May 2012
Customer: «Smitta» ltd.
Description project

Company Dorifor has created exclusive design for the website.

The functionality of the website is user-friendly and intuitively clear as it is oriented towards users with any level of computer skills.

Website design includes 16 unique layouts. All the layouts are thoroughly worked out and meet the compositional requirements to which the websites of leading companies of nowadays are to correspond.

Completed works

The creation of website design, functionality and navigation structure.

About company

Continually optimizing the business processes and constantly improving the quality of websites we develope, we exert every effort to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the cooperation with Dorifor company.


Address: 8 Lobanova str., Moscow

Phone: + 7 (495) 933 6845/46

E-mail: info@dorifor.ru

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