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Web design concept is developed individually according to the needs of a particular customer. At an initial stage of Web design concept creation we work in close cooperation with our customers considering their preferences and ideas.

Web design and animation


Logo animation


  • The animation of corporate logo when its vector layout is provided by the customer (formats: .cdr, .ai, .eps)
    The price - from 2 100 rub.
  • The animation of corporate logo including the creation of a vector layout according to customer’s drafts or using the logo in a raster format provided by the customer
    The price - from 3 500 rub.

Header animation

Header animation is commonly used to vivify and enliven website pages.

  • Using customer drafts, not providing the executor with vector layouts
    The price - from 3 500 rub.
  • According to vector layouts or Flash source files (format .fla) provided by the customer
    The price - from 3 100 rub.
  • 100 % designer work
    The price - from 4 200 rub.

Animated menu

  • Simple menu
    The price - from 2 100  rub.
  • Complex menu
    The price - from 3 500 rub.
  • Sophisticated menu (100 % designer work)
    The price - from 5 200 rub.

Animated maps and schemes

As compared with static versions animated maps and schemes have great advantages: they are obvious and convenient, more functional and eye-catching. Moreover they help to create company style complementing company identity.

  • Simple presenting map with the addresses of company affiliates (up to 10 affiliates)
    The price - from 2 100 rubles.
  • Complex representing map with precise geographic location of objects (the quantity of objects is unlimited)
    The price - from 3 500 rub.
  • Interactive multivariate location map
    The price - from 3 500 rub.

Animated characters

The creation of animated characters is a well known commonly used method in advertising. In this case it is extremely important that a character is eye-catching, appropriate for the particular products and services and sticks to users memory as it may happen that a well chosen animated character will subsequently become your company’s symbol.

  • Animated character based on customer materials
    The price - from 2 100 rub.
  • Animated character fully created by a designer
    The price - from 3 500 rub + 2 100 rub. Per a reel (beginning with the second)
  • Interactive character
    The price - from 4 900 rub.

Animated intros (presentations)

As an introduction on home pages Flash reels are commonly used to create necessary atmosphere and to represent the sphere the company works in. Moreover Flash reels may be used in corporate presentations of the company, as they are untrivial and separate products which may be used independently.

The price - from 6 100 rub.

About company

Continually optimizing the business processes and constantly improving the quality of websites we develope, we exert every effort to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the cooperation with Dorifor company.


Address: 8 Lobanova str., Moscow

Phone: + 7 (495) 933 6845/46

E-mail: info@dorifor.ru

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