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Editorial services, website auditing, usability improvement, e-marketing and other services aimed to save time as well as money of a customer and moreover to achieve the highest results working with a website.

Website audit

Website audit

Website audit presupposes quality analyses of your website from technical as well as marketing points of view. As a result there are two types of Website audit- technical audit and marketing audit.


Dorifor offers its clients various audit services: technical, marketing and complex audit.


Website is a compulsory attribute of every modern company.

The price from 29 900 rub.

Technical website audit

Within technical website audit the following characteristics are subjected to analysis:

  • The quality of program code.
  • Hosting settings and their compliance with the requirements of Search engines.
  • The quality and usability of website navigation structure.
  • Interface usability for website administrators.
  • Interface usability for website visitors.
  • Website design assessment according to the following characteristics: originality, quality, complexity and website subject correspondence.
  • Website security assessment (assessing protection opportunities from unauthorized access).
As a result of technical audit you get a report describing in details all conducted processes and analyses with the comments of specialists.



Website marketing audit

The main marketing audit object is to assess the way your company is represented in the Internet in comparison with the competitors of your company. It is important to define your website advantages and disadvantages, to formulate the steps of your website attractiveness improvement aimed to achieve the main marketing goal which is to involve potential clients into collaboration with your company.

Marketing audit includes the analysis of various characteristics and the formulation of recommendations according to the analysis. To these characteristics may be referred the following:

  • Pricing policy.
  • Competitors analysis.
  • Efficient methods of products and services promotion.
  • Placement of necessary information on the website.
  • To define if there are unoccupied market niches in the sphere of your business.

High quality marketing audit provides not only possible website alteration opportunities but also the opportunities to correct and update your whole business to achieve higher financial income.

As a result of marketing audit you get a report describing in details all conducted processes and analyses. The report shows strengths and weaknesses in promotion of products and services given in your price list.

Complex website audit

Complex website audit includes technical and marketing website audit. This audit type provides an opportunity to get complete information about current state of a website.

Ordering audit services in our company you will get valid data which may be a sufficient source to analyze website strengths and weaknesses, to define your company advantages and disadvantages in competitive activities and to increase website effectiveness.

For the companies ordering any of offered audit services we further provide 10% discount for Search engine optimization and e-Marketing.

Execution period - from 3 workdays

About company

Continually optimizing the business processes and constantly improving the quality of websites we develope, we exert every effort to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the cooperation with Dorifor company.


Address: 8 Lobanova str., Moscow

Phone: + 7 (495) 933 6845/46

E-mail: info@dorifor.ru

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