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The specialists of our company working in the sphere of website development since 2003 have been occupied in more than 200 projects.

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«Pass the popcorn... Share the comfort»

Why do we refuse using our own self-developed CMS for website creation?

A great number of web developers implement this simple method. They «tie» clients to their CMS intending to make them being dependant on their services. In the process of website creation they use self developed CMS representing its uniqueness as a great advantage. As a result the client has a website which may be maintained only by its developer. And if the client because of some reasons prefers to use the services of some other company most probably he or she would have to create a new website.

As opposed to such approach developing websites we use the most popular in the world CMS which has gained confidence among website developers. Due to this fact our clients are free to choose the supplier of other services not being «tied» to a concrete website developer.

The main part of website creation process is automatic what decreases the cost of website development that is why our customers do not overpay or waste their time.

Such approach first and foremost is convenient for Customers, because they get high quality products for minimal price and period of time.

Websites developed in our company are well adjusted by Search engines what facilitates fast website promotion and as a result the number of potential clients is growing and website owners benefit more.

Content management system used by our company has convenient and clear interface what gives our customers an opportunity to manage website effectively without involvement of external programmers and specialists.

After website development and publishing we do not leave our clients along with their new websites. We organize a set of works in technical support, e-marketing, search engine optimization and promotion.

Our websites «grow» together with customers business rise!

Having increased the number of business activities and products our customers do not have to create a new website. A customer may call on us, and we will extend website functionality: create new sections, insert necessary functions and add new products and services description. This opportunity saves customers money and time.

ЕIf a company being our client enters foreign markets we provide «multilanguage versions» containing products and services description in many foreign languages.

Call on us, send your materials and in a short period of time you’ll get a high quality website working to raise the wellbeing of your company and to attract your potential clients - Internet users.

About company

Continually optimizing the business processes and constantly improving the quality of websites we develope, we exert every effort to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the cooperation with Dorifor company.


Address: 8 Lobanova str., Moscow

Phone: + 7 (495) 933 6845/46

E-mail: info@dorifor.ru

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